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Choosing an elementary school is one of the most important decisions you make for your child. Every facility will present its environment and qualities in a positive light. This means you need to ask some questions and do some digging. These are key questions that will bring light to important elements of what a school can provide. 

You have specific needs for your child and for your own relationship with the school as a parent, and you have every right to make sure these needs will be met. Always feel free to ask these kinds of questions.

Like adults, children face a great deal of stress in their lives, especially during the school year. And as much as we want to tell them that we understand their stress because we went through the same thing, times change, and our experiences are not the same. 

We can empathize and try to understand, but that’s the best we can offer when comparing our stressful childhood events surrounding the school to theirs.

For a parent, there are few concerns greater than your child’s education. If you are weighing the choice between public and private schools, you are not alone. According to the Council for American Private Education, 25% of all American schools are private. Parents are considering their options and often choose private education.

Understanding the gospel is a key component of your child’s development. In this article, we will discuss eight reasons to choose a gospel-centered Christian school.

There are countless decisions parents have to make to make sure their children have the best life. Some decisions must happen daily, like choosing what they will eat, how much screen time they will have, the clothes they will wear, and what battles to fight in a day. Other decisions have long-term effects that could determine the trajectory their lives will go for years to come.