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Best Christian Elementary School Birmingham, MIBirmingham, Michigan, is a city in Oakland County. MI. It is a northern suburb of Detroit with approximately 21,000 people. Birmingham is a very affluent community with high education rates and a strong median family income well over the national average.  

Many elementary schools in Birmingham offer excellent education. However, if you are a parent who believes a Christian private school is the best education path for your children, you now have to take on the added stress of finding a Christian private school conveniently close to your home. But you are in luck because there is a Christian school near Birmingham MI.

Best Christian Elementary School In Birmingham, MI

St Paul Lutheran School in Royal Oak, MI, is located at 508 Williams Street, which is conveniently located in Birmingham. MI.

St. Paul Lutheran School Royal Oak, a pillar of education in downtown Royal Oak, has provided quality education for over one hundred years to church families and non‑members, a testament to our commitment and dedication.

At St. Paul Lutheran School Royal Oak, we are committed to academic excellence and the holistic development of our students' minds, bodies, and spirit. Our dedicated teachers and staff create a nurturing environment that promotes motivation, self-discipline, and respect for others. The smaller classes ensure that every student receives the help they need to achieve their full potential.

St. Paul Lutheran School Royal Oak provides Christian education for preschool through 8th grade.

St. Paul Lutheran School Royal Oak Offers Quality Education Near Birmingham, MI

The curriculum and course of study at St. Paul Lutheran School Royal Oak meet the requirements of the State of Michigan. Quality education is the standard in all subject areas. All subjects are taught in a Christian atmosphere where Christian love and joy can become a genuine part of life.

The areas of the curriculum include:

  • Religion – including worship, Bible study, salvation history, catechism, and memory work
  • Language Arts – reading, phonics, English, spelling, handwriting, practical and creative writing, and literature
  • Social Studies – geography, history, current events, Michigan history
  • Science – general science, health, family life and sex education, and computer education
  • Mathematics – use of numbers, geometry, measurement, metric system, and algebra
  • Fine Arts – music, art, choirs, drama, band
  • Physical Education – individual and team sports, skills, test for physical fitness and recreation

St. Paul Lutheran School Royal Oak Offers A Preschool Program Near Birmingham, MI

St. Paul Lutheran School Royal Oak also offers a preschool program for ages three and four at our school campus.

St. Paul Lutheran School Royal Oak’s Preschool partners with parents in educating children by teaching the Christian faith in accordance with the Holy Scriptures and the Confessions of the Lutheran Church and by teaching secular subjects following the Early Childhood Standards of the State of Michigan.

Our program is designed to concentrate on the whole child. We encourage learning in the following areas:

  • Social: Working with others and participating in group activities.
  • Emotional: Expressing feelings and demonstrating awareness of others’ feelings.
  • Physical: Participating in fine and large motor activities.
  • Language: Expressing oneself through oral and written language.
  • Cognitive: Counting, naming, and thinking conceptually.
  • Spiritual: Developing faith and learning about God’s Word.

Learning will involve all the senses: tasting, touching, smelling, listening, and seeing. We strive to prepare children through “hands-on” activities and a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

St. Paul Lutheran School Royal Oak Offers An Exceptional Music Program

St. Paul Lutheran School Royal Oak offers an exceptional music program under the direction of our Minister of Music, Mr. Greg Paul.

Kindergarten through 4th grade study general music once a week. Students beginning in grade five are allowed to explore their musical talents further by choosing to join the St. Paul Lutheran School Royal Oak Beginning Band, also directed by Mr. Paul. From there, they may join the Advanced Band. The bands participate in worship services and in a spring concert.

St Paul Christian School Royal Oak Near Birmingham. MI

If you have researched the benefits of having your children educated in a private Christian school and are looking for one convenient to Birmingham, MI, consider visiting St. Paul Lutheran School Royal Oak for a tour to see if our school meets your desires for your children's education.

For more information concerning St. Paul Lutheran School Royal Oak, visit our website or call us at 248-546-6555. Our staff will happily give you a school tour and answer your questions.